Flor is a creative entrepreneur, strategist, and medicine woman – not necessarily in that order. She’s devoted her career to helping humans achieve their full potential through a series of lifestyle modifications, including the progressive dosing of psychoactive medicines, and to female empowerment.

As seen in:

Introduced the feminine approach to serving psychoactive medicines in the Shamanic world, a progressive dosing technique that minimizes resistance by allowing the ego to dissolve slowly

Trained as a Iyanifa, Mother Priestess of IFA Divination System

Dubbed “The Corporate Shaman… the spiritual guide of successful entrepreneurs” by Forbes Magazine

A student of ancient forms of healing around the world, including Ayurveda, Shamanism, and Africanism

Developer of personalized protocols that pair psychedelics with various lifestyle modifications to help clients flourish

About Nana

Flor is the founder of NANA, a transformative medicine company that has developed the world’s first integrative mental healthcare solution. NANA’s goal is to unleash the full potential of every human.

Flor Specializes in performing ceremonies with the help of Psychedelic substances

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